Can I Lie With You in Your Grave: A Dean/Castiel Fanmix

Decided to post this fanmix here simply because it's half graphics also. So fourth installment. Enjoy.


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you're in my body )


[18] Glee 1.08 Mash-Up
[05] Supernatural 2.02 Everybody Loves a Clown

sweet caroline bah bah bah!

cause we belong together now )

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[25] Supernatural Icons
+ [18] 5.08 Changing Channels
+ [07] Misc. Supernatural
[04] Jared Padalecki

campfire cookies & john hughes movies

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Premade Layouts: Castiel/Walk Through Hell

Premade layouts are available. If ordered, they will be edited to depict your site name and a few other details (such as lyrics, color, and codes). They are available either coded or uncoded and are free.


Walk Through Hell;

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supernatural icons

[66] 4.16 On the Head of a Pin icons

i carry you around

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supernatural icons

[60] supernatural icons
+ [28] 1.01 Pilot
+ [18] 1.02 Wedigo
+ [14] 1.03 Dead in the Water

there was this burning

i've never been so alone and i have never been so alive )

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