05 May 2009 @ 10:05 pm
the facts  
Welcome to the Dreamwidth branch of Ready to Drown Graphics. To view all previous icons, wallpapers, headers and fobanners, go here and have at. I might do reposts here but mainly you're just going to get the new stuff.

+ all graphics are free to use
+ please do not hotlink
+ if you use a graphic, please credit either [personal profile] frayed1989 or [community profile] ready2drown
+ blanks are not bases
+ comment and enjoy!

+ misha-collins.net
+ desiring-jensen.org
+ screencap-paradise.com
+ coloured_skies
+ supernatural caps
+ designus.com

Want to be an affiliate? Please comment here.

Want a certain tv show, movie, band iconed? Want a personalized graphics? Please comment here.
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